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November 28, 2015
Newsworthy notes

The business of Apathy As a child of the 60'S I am finding the amount of apathy today totally amazing.
[Full story]

Credit in Crisis The credit crisis is indeed a crisis as it spirals down to all aspects of our economy. With house values plummeting resulting in foreclosers beyond belief may be a foreshadowing on what is to come.
[Full story]

Is there a terrorist in your house? Did you know that there are individuals out there who's lot in life is to produce as much damage as they can to the United States? I'm sure you're aware but did you know that they can use YOUR home computer to their evil end?
[Full story]

Improving your indoor air quality can be as simple as changing your filter. The spring and summer allergy season is upon us. Some people can find relief by cleaning your indoor air. [Full story]

How's your customer service? Uncle Dan discusses using a web site to enhance customer service. [Full story]

On Internet Marketing The second installment on marketing your real estate web site. [Full story]

On Internet Marketing The first of a series related to marketing your real estate web site. [Full story]

The freedom and interoperability of the Internet may be its own demise. The recent Denial of Service attacks against some of the most respected web sites shows how vulnerable the Internet really is. [Full story]

America Online/Time Warner Merger.. will it impact the real estate industry? The recent announcement of the all-stock combination valued at $350 billion merger of America Online and media giant Time Warner is an interesting one. America Online continually surprises me. Here is a company that, at least with my experience, has the poorest products online. [Full story]

Online House Hunting is not reserved only for home buyers. The number of web sites dedicated to the renting public is increasing. [Full story]

Financing the virtual house, by a virtual bank, with virtual money with real risks. The largest challenge in the future of online banking technology addresses the issues of identity. [Full story]

Cool Tools bring home tours to your desktop.
Get a glimpse of the inside of your new home without leaving your current one! [Full story]

Location, Location, Location
Housing prices escalate. Buyers willing to pay your price.[Full story]

Network & Computer Security
Should you care? What's happening behind the scenes that matter.[Full story]

House Hunting Online
House hunting sources and perspectives[Full story]

Marketing your property online,
You may not even know it, you most likely already are![Full story] Buying your new home online, well, almost.

For sale by owners -- FSBO Tips and tricks for the do-it-yourselfer, A consumer guide to selling by owner.[Full story]


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